How to Fix 'A Ubisoft Service Is Currently Unavailable' Error? (2024)

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A Ubisoft Service is currently unavailable error happens in the Ubisoft Connect app when a user tries to login to their account and sometimes happens when a user tries to launch a game. Mostly this error appears on the Xbox Consoles, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch devices during the launch of the game.

In this article, we will guide you how to fix this A Ubisoft Service Is Currently Unavailable error and to connect the Ubisoft server without facing any error.

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Why this Ubisoft Service is Unavailable error occurs?

This “A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable Please Try Again Later error can be caused by many different reasons like either Ubisoft server down or the internet connection problem.

In this step by step guide, You’ll learn how to find and fix this error easily.

How To Fix A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable Error

To fix this issue, check out the following given methods with step by step guides.

1. Check Ubisoft Online Services Status

First of all, make sure to check the Ubisoft Official Status Page or Twitter page to ensure that there’s no any maintenance or upgrades in progress. You can monitor the downtime of the servers through their official channel mediums before proceeding further.

This is the first essential step before making any changes to your system for the sake of a Ubisoft service is currently unavailable error. If you have check that then we can move ahead to fixing the issue through system configurations.

2. Check Internet Connection

Check if you’re having any issues with your internet connection or the speed is stable. You can check your internet speed through Ping rate of your internet connection should be lower than 100ms. If it goes over 100ms you need to get a better internet connection. If connected through wifi network, you can use a WiFi extender as well.

3. Check IPv6 Address

If you’re using IPv6 version of internet, this Ubisoft service won’t be available error. Make sure to configure IPv6 properly or can switch back to IPv4 version.

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4. Fixing the Damaged System Files

This a Ubisoft service is currently unavailable error can be caused due to some corrupted system files. You need to check and fix these files in order to play it.

  1. To start, open up the Command Prompt (CMD) as an administrator.
  2. Now type sfc/scannow command in the cmd terminal and hit Enter to execute it.
  3. It will scan the complete disk for the corrupted files and if there will be any, it tries to fix ’em automatically.

5. Reset Network

If you have done all the above steps to resolve the issue and didn’t get any luck. You can try resetting your network. Network resetting might fix the problem. Follow the below mentioned steps to reset your network to it’s default.

  1. Go to Start and type ms-setting:network in the dialogue box and hit OK button. It will prompt up the Network settings window.
  2. Scroll down and find the network reset button. Click Reset button and a dialogue will pop up for confirmation. Just hit the Confirm button and it’ll done the resetting.
  3. To effect the changes, reboot the system. Changes might not apply unless you reboot your machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do I Get A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable on PS4?

While playing on the PlayStaion consoles, you might face this Ubisoft service is currently unavailable error. For the playstaion, unstable internet connection is the most common reason that issues this problem. Switch to a stable internet connection and keep the game up to date. It’ll surely fix up this issue on playstation.

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How To Fix Ubisoft service is currently unavailable error on Nintendo Switch?

If you’re using the Nintendo Switch for gaming then you also might face this issue. Make sure your Nintendo device is properly connected to internet. If the connection is stable, you can go to Ubisoft status page to check whether the service is down or running fine.

How To Fix A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable Ubisoft Connect?

If going to use the Ubisoft Connect and face this issue, you can update the Ubisoft Connect drivers and software which will fix up the problem.

These are the most common solutions that proved to fix Ubisoft service currently unavailable error on your gaming setup either it’s PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, this article will help you to fix this issue.

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How to Fix 'A Ubisoft Service Is Currently Unavailable' Error? (2024)


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