Xactimate – Online Course - The Adjuster School (2024)

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Online Xactimate X1 Training: $249.00

The AdjusterSchool offers an Online Xactimate Training Course. The course is 100% self paced, and online. Work at your own pace. Pause, Rewind, or Fast Forward the training.You control the pace of yourtraining.

You will need to download a demo version of the Xactimate software. You can download this by going to www.xactware.com.

We recommend that you place your laptop next to another desktop or laptop computer. You can use one computer for viewing the training, and the other laptop for actually doing the course work. It’s completely up to you. You can work between two screens if you like.

This course will give you all of the tools and knowledge that you need to become proficient with Xactimate X1. The course covers the following topics:

* Setting up Preferences
* Creating New Estimates
* Setting Up Groups / Building A Tree
* Data Entry and Trade Category Codes
* Sketch Preferences
* Graphical Estimating
* Templates / MACROS
* Sketch Rooms
* Square Break / Vertex
* Sketch Roofs

Xactimate Proficiency is a must for all Property Claim Adjusters, Contractors, and Estimators.

For information on Xactimate System Requirements, click here.

Be ready to work when your opportunity arises. Become efficient and proficient in Xactimate with our Online Xactimate Training course.

To register for the course, click here

Xactimate – Online Course - The Adjuster School (2024)


Is Xactimate hard to learn? ›

If you're middle-aged or above (like me), mastering new, complex computer programs like Xactimate can feel completely overwhelming, like an impossible hurdle. The good news is that anyone can master Xactimate. I know because I've watched it happen. I've witnessed great success in some of my most unlikely students.

How much does the Xactimate course cost? ›

Online Xactimate X1 Training: $249.00.

How long does Xactimate training take? ›

The 3-Day Xactimate Level I Training is designed for an adjuster who is new to the adjuster profession and is looking to learn the Xactimate estimating program.

How to get Xactimate for free? ›

Try the industry's number-one estimating solution for insurance repair with our live demo. Experience Xactimate desktop, online, and mobile platforms free for 30 days.

Do auto claims adjusters use Xactimate? ›

Insurance adjusters rely on Xactimate to accurately estimate property damage costs. It helps them streamline the estimating process and produce professional-looking estimates promptly.

How much does an Xactimate estimate cost? ›

Xactimate estimates from $49 | Estimate Writers - Pricing.

How many levels of Xactimate are there? ›

The Xactimate User Certification program, offered solely by Verisk, provides a controlled exam to independently verify your product knowledge and proficiency. There are three levels of certification: Level 1 – Fundamentals, Level 2 – Proficiency, and Level 3 – Mastery.

What is Xactimate level 2 certification? ›

The level 2 certification exam for Xactimate verifies that the user is proficient in using Xactimate. Individuals are required to use their own installed Xactimate (or the Demo version) to create an estimate. (Do not use Xactimate v. 28 or any earlier version.)

Can you export Xactimate to Excel? ›

Select Save project or Export to Excel. If you select Save project, your project saves to your device as an . esx file.

What is better than Xactimate? ›

The best overall Xactimate alternative is Jobber. Other similar apps like Xactimate are Contractor+, Premier Construction Software, magicplan, and MarketSharp. Xactimate alternatives can be found in Property Restoration Software but may also be in Field Service Management Software or Construction Accounting Software.

How do you become a Xactimate estimator? ›

To get a remote Xactimate job, you can learn the Xactimate software by taking online classes through Xactware or other available boot camp courses. Many employers prefer candidates with a bachelor's degree in construction or prior experience with Xactimate.

How accurate is Xactimate? ›

Xactimate has finally issued a warning to users about its inaccurate pricing. A recent update to the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) for Xactimate software, Section 12.3 now provides: We do not warrant the accuracy of pricing information in the Price Data.

What is a labor minimum in Xactimate? ›

Using labor minimums, customers can add standard line items containing materials as needed (DRY1/2, PNTSP, etc.). Xactimate will then ensure that the labor portion of each trade is increased to meet the pre-defined minimum charge. This is accomplished, when needed, by making a post-estimate adjustment to labor.

What is needed to run Xactimate? ›

Additionally, it is recommended that your computer have at least 10 GB of free hard drive space, as Xactimate requires a significant amount of storage. In terms of software requirements, your computer should be running a 64-bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

Can Xactimate run on a Chromebook? ›

Please Note: Xactimate is not compatible with Mac Products or Chromebook (windows laptop needed)

What does a Xactimate specialist do? ›

As a Xactimate writer, you develop and adjust estimations on residential and commercial claims. Your responsibilities also include following up with your customers and their insurance companies to facilitate payment for necessary repairs.


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