Parent's Frequently Asked Questions — Office of the Bursar (2024)

Electronic Access/Electronic Payment/Email Notification

By following the Three Steps below, you will be able to obtain the information ON-LINE to help you with your questions and provide information on your Student Account.

    • You will find the step by step instructions to Set Up your UofL Pin here.
    • With your Student ID and your UofL PIN, you are able to review your most up to date information and determine your balance. You may also use this web link to remit your electronic payment via E-Check or Credit Card
  • THIRD STEP - SET UP ANY AUTHORIZED PAYER(s) email accounts (such as those of parents or significant others) to receive Bursar Email notifications.
    1. Logon to ULINK
    2. Under “Tuition-Fees-Payment Options”
    3. Select “Authorized Payer”
    4. Select “Add an Email Address”
    5. From the drop down box, select from one of the choices in the drop down box:
      1. SF-PAYER1
      2. SF-PAYER2
      3. SF-PAYER3
      4. SF-PAYER4
    6. Enter Email Address
    7. Select Save

When is my student's payment due?

Check the Bursar’s Website to obtain information on due dates, payment options and other miscellaneous information.

How do I get access to my student’s account?

You may call the Bursar’s Office, 502-852-6503, you will need your student’s ID number and 6 digit numeric PIN your student has set in ULINK. Instructions to Set-up a UofL PIN. The student account can also be viewed 24-7 in ULINK. If visiting our office without your student present, you will need their student ID and PIN to obtain information about their account.
Important: Due to the Federal Privacy Laws the University may not answer questions about a student's account without that student's PIN number. The PIN must be provided with any form of communication: phone, email or in person.

How will I be notified when a payment is due?

New students will receive an email notification, prior to the start of their first semester, via the student's university email account. If a parent would like an email sent to their account, they will need to be set up as an “Authorized Payer”.

How will a Parent PLUS loan be processed and refunded?

Parent PLUS loans will be applied toward the related tuition and other fees on a student's account. If the total tuition and other fees are paid in full by the Parent PLUS loan, then any eligible refunds from the excess funds by the Parent PLUS loan will be issued in form of a paper check to the Parent or person which borrowed the Parent Plus Loan.

What is an Authorized Payer and how do I set up this option?

An Authorized Payer is someone who can receive electronic billing notifications at the same time the student is notified. This allows a student to notify another person, who may be making a payment, of account information and due dates to avoid late charges. The student must authorize this option via their ULINK account under the “Authorized Payer” process.

    1. Logon to ULINK.
    2. Under “Tuition-Fees-Payment Options”Select “Authorized Payer”
    3. Select “Add an Email Address”
      From the drop down box, select "SF-Payer"
    4. Enter Email Address
    5. Select Save


What is this fee? The Primary Care Health Fee provides a safety net for all uninsured students but is NOT a substitute for health insurance. Additional Information about the Primary CareHealth Fee.

Can this fee be waived? Yes. Log into your ULink account, under the CAMPUS HEALTH section click on “Waive Primary Care Health Fee.” Fill in the information and check the acknowledgement at the bottom of the form. Click on the submit button. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your waiver request. Please allow 48-72 hours for your account to be adjusted. Additional information about waiving the Primary Care Health Fee.


What is this fee? Students that are enrolled as a Full time undergraduate student in which (9) nine or more of the credit hours are on-campus credit hours and do not reside in on-campus housing are assessed the Base Flex Plan of $300.00.

Can I appeal to have this fee waived? Yes.Review the Meal Plan Waiver Policy and complete the appeal form.

Information on all available meal plans.

I cannot pay my student’s bill in full, how do I set up a payment plan for the balance owed?

Payment plans are available online. Once the payment plan is completed online, the form should be printed, signed by the STUDENT, and delivered to the Bursar’s Office.

University of Louisville, Bursar's Office
Houchens Bldg., Room 101
Louisville, Ky. 40292

The form can also be emailed or faxed to (502) 852-7032

PLEASE NOTE: If payment will be made online, the down payment will need to be paid prior to turning in the payment plan form. If paying with cash or check in our office, the down payment will need to be paid upon receipt of the payment plan form.

How can I access my student's 1098-T tax form?

Click here for information on accessing, reviewing, and obtaining your student's 1098-T tax form.

I have paid my student’s bill and they have now dropped a class, how will I get my refund?

If the account was paid by credit or debit card the refund will go back to that card account. All other refunds are sent toNelnetand are disbursed by the option the student has elected: to a personal checking account or saving account or deposited to a Reloadable Debit Card. The refund will not be sent to the parent unless it is the result of a Parent Plus loan overpayment.

Parent's Frequently Asked Questions — Office of the Bursar (2024)


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