Gardening Tips and Ideas (Free Spanish Lessons for Kids) (2024)

Gardening Tips and Ideas (Free Spanish Lessons for Kids) (1)

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Awaken your child’s natural curiosity for both languages and the great outdoors by teaching them about the garden in Spanish.

Learning Spanish provides plenty of benefits for your child’s development. As a Spanish educator or homeschool parent, it’s your goal to make your lessons dynamic, engaging, and amusing to fully immerse the children in the language.

Combining Spanish lessons with gardening themes and vocabulary brings your kids close to the many wonders nature has to offer.

Join me for this fun lesson full of vocabulary, phrases, and tips for teaching kids all about gardening in Spanish!

The Garden in Spanish

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Being in nature is soothing. El jardín (the garden) is a space where vivid species of plants are cultivated for ornamental and/or productive purposes. Whether it’s planting a semilla (seed), harvesting hierbas (herbs), or getting your hands dirty with tierra (soil)—gardening is an excellent way of teaching new knowledge to your little Spanish learner.

What’s more, working in a garden helps develop kids’ sensory skills and fine motor skills. By combining gardening with age-appropriate activities and vocabulary in Spanish, children will easily enhance their fluency and conversational abilities.

4 Types of Gardens in Spanish

Gardens require care and maintenance to stay beautiful and productive. Let’s take a look at four types of gardens in Spanish.

1. Jardin de Flores

A jardín de flores (flower garden) is an outdoor space dedicated to the growth and harvest of flowers, such as

  • las orquideas – orchids
  • las lirios – lilies
  • las rosas – roses
  • los girasoles – sunflowers
  • las margaritas – daisies
  • los tulipanes – tulips
  • las hortensias – hydrangeas
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Flowers have specific blooming seasons, and the majority of jardines de flores are not in bloom all year. They require regular watering, fertilizing, and trimming to look splendid and healthy.

2. Huerto Familiar

A huerto familiar (family garden/orchard) provides fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and medicinal plants to the family household.

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Los huertos familiares combine la jardinería (gardening), la agricultura (agriculture), and la ecología (ecology). Having a garden at home is great for teaching kids the value of food safety, nutritious food, and homegrown produce—plus, it entices them to spend more time outdoors in nature.

3. Jardín Botánico

El jardin botanico (botanical garden) is a type of garden focused on the conservation and research of plant species. They’re often dedicated to creating awareness of the importance of native plants.

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Botanical gardens exist all around the world and maintain well-documented collections of unique species of plants, trees, and flowers from the botanical world.

4. Jardin Tropical

Un jardin tropical (tropical garden) is located in a humid climate. The plants and flowers are strictly from a tropical climate and need lots of water to thrive.

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This type of garden requires thoughtful planning and design. Tropical gardens are the home of helechos (ferns), bambú (bamboo), palmeras (palms), filodendros (philodendrons), and colorful exotic flowers.

Garden in Spanish Vocabulary

Enhance your garden in Spanish class by reviewing this list of words and phrases with your kids. The more you expose them to the Spanish language, the more natural pronunciation and fluency will come to them.

El jardínGarden
La jardineríaGardening
El jardinero / la jardineraGardener
La huerta / el huertoOrchard
La grama / el céspedGrass
Los árbolesTrees
Las floresFlowers
Los cactusCactus
Las malas hierbasWeeds
La tierraSoil
El piedrínGravel
Las piedrasStones
Las hierbasHerbs
Las semillasSeeds
Las raícesRoots
Las frutasFruits
Las vegetalesVegetables
El camino / el senderoPath
Las suculentasSucculents
Las plantasPlants

Example Spanish Sentences

El jardín de mi casa tiene flores y cactus.
The garden in my house has flowers and cactus.

¡Qué jardín tan bonito!
What a pretty garden!

Mis plantas favoritas son las suculentas.
My favorite plants are succulents.

El jardinero se encarga de quitar las malas hierbas del jardín.
The gardener is in charge of removing weeds from the garden.

El sendero de mi jardín está rodeado de árboles.
My garden path is surrounded by trees.

La huerta de mi familia tiene vegetales y frutas.
My family’s orchard has vegetables and fruits.

La jardinería es mi pasatiempo favorito.
Gardening is my favorite hobby.

Include this list of farming vocabulary to compliment this lesson on jardines and huertos.

Enjoy over 70 unique lessons + free activity packets to download.

Garden in Spanish Verbs

JardinizarTo garden
SembrarTo sow
PlantarTo seed
CosecharTo harvest
RegarTo water
CavarTo dig
PodarTo prune
FlorecerTo bloom
CortarTo cut
FertilizarTo fertilize
FumigarTo fumigate
EnterrarTo bury
RastrillarTo rake
Esparcir semillasScatter seeds

Example Spanish Sentences

A mi casa le hace falta jardinizar
My house needs gardening.

Estoy cosechando zanahorias.
I’m harvesting carrots.

Voy a esparcir semillas para que crezcan nuevas plantas.
I’m scattering seeds so new plants can grow.

Estas flores deben fertilizarse cada dos meses.
These flowers must be fertilized every two months.

Las orquídeas florecen dos veces al año.
Orchids bloom twice a year.

¿Puedes podar las rosas por favor?
Can you prune the roses please?

Gardening Tips and Ideas (Free Spanish Lessons for Kids) (7)

Gardening Tools and Equipment

La mangueraGarden hose
La cubetaBucket
El rastrilloRake
La palaShovel
La carretillaWheelbarrow
La podadora de grama, la cortadora de gramaLawn mower
La regaderaWatering can
Las tijerasClippers / shears
Las herramientas de jardineríaGarden tools
El azadón / la azada de jardínGarden hoe
Los guantes de jardineríaGarden gloves
Las botasBoots
El fertilizanteFertilizante
El tenedor de jardínGarden fork
La macetaPots / flower pot / plant pot
La composteraComposting bin
La cerca, la verjaFence
El cobertizo de jardínGarden shed

Example Spanish Sentences

Puedes usar el rastrillo para las hojas secas.
You can use the rake for the dry leaves.

La cerca de mi jardín necesita mantenimiento.
My garden fence needs maintenance.

Las herramientas de jardinería se guardan en el cobertizo del jardín.
The gardening tools are stored in the garden shed.

Pon la pala, el azadón y la regadera en la carretilla por favor.
Put the shovel, the garden hoe, and the watering can on the wheelbarrow, please.

Usa botas y guantes de jardinería antes de trabajar en el huerto.
Wear boots and garden gloves before working in the garden.

Necesito comprar tierra, macetas y semillas.
I need to buy soil, flower pots, and seeds.

Garden Activities for Teaching Spanish

Take the classroom outside and use our garden activity kit to improve your child’s understanding and confidence in the Spanish language.

A fun topic like gardening requires you and your kids to get your hands dirty through creative, dynamic, hands-on educational Spanish activities.

¡Vamos a hacer jardinería!
Let’s do some gardening!

Garden Vocabulary Domino

Use our garden in Spanish vocabulary domino game to test your kids’ visual memory and Spanish pronunciation. Our domino template has illustrated and written vocabulary pieces for your child to color and cut out. Playing dominoes is a fantastic way to teach kids the art of strategizing.

Terrario para Niños

Terrariums are tiny gardens that recreate humid conditions in high temperatures. Craft a terrario (terrarium) with your kids using household materials.

Print our terrarium at home activity sheet and teach your kids how a tropical garden functions. The terrarium requires your kids to take care of it once it’s finished, so it teaches them a sense of responsibility and the care plants need.

Haz un Huerto Familiar

Make an orchard at home with the whole family and use this lesson to make it extra special!

Watch this entertaining video with simple instructions and easy-to-source materials.

Teach your child the names of the tools you use and have them identify all the vegetables you plant using the labels in our activity pack.

Garden Scavenger Hunt

To participate in a scavenger hunt for the whole family, print out our template and search for the items in your backyard or at your nearest park. Scavenger hunts are exciting and keep kids motivated in reaching a common team goal: winning while learning!

Explore your Community

Venture outs and explore the gardens in your community with your child. Look for a botanical garden, community orchards, or head out to the park. If there’s one thing you need to teach this topic, it’s vivid examples of plants in their natural habitat.

Discover the garden spaces in your community and go on an adventure where you practice Spanish phrases. This activity only requires you to have an explorer’s spirit. Nature is an endless classroom!

¡Me gusta la jardinería!

I like gardening in Spanish! Your kids will too, once you’ve done the activities in this lesson! They’ll be ready to engage in meaningful Spanish conversations and show off their new knowledge of gardening concepts and vocabulary.

Learning Spanish opens up a whole world of opportunities for children. By exposing them to the language at a young age, you enable them to develop an authentic accent and pick up slang like a native speaker. Sign your child up for a free trial class with one of our friendly, certified Spanish teachers from Guatemala. Give your kids the opportunity to become bilingual and discover what a bright future lies ahead for them.

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