Frequently asked questions about altafiber (2024)

What should I know about the name change and how it impacts your deep roots in the community?

We understand that the brand “Cincinnati Bell” has equity throughout Greater Cincinnati. That said, the brand no longer reflects our transformation into a technology company that is investing billions of dollars into a fiber network that will blanket our operating territory. Our investment in fiber will position altafiber to serve this area for the next 150 years.

While the name will change, our commitment to the communities we serve, and our corporate culture, stays the same. altafiber and its employees will continue to support community initiatives – particularly those that provide increased access to education, employment, and healthcare opportunities – and remain passionate about sustainability, safety, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

If the company will be expanding its fiber footprint more rapidly, when can I expect to receive fiber-based Internet at my home? Is there somewhere I can check?

We are committed to rapidly expanding our fiber network within our operating service areas. Our goal within the next 5 years is to have fiber available to every home and business. Click here to enter your information and one of our Fioptics Specialists will reach out to advise of the products and services available at your location.

What changes will I see and when with respect to your website, your customer service, billing, and other ways I interact with your company?

Today’s announcement is the first step in what will be a 6-9 month transition of our brand to altafiber. Our branding will continue as Cincinnati Bell for the time being, but we will leverage various marketing assets to remind customers that we are in the process of transitioning to altafiber.

For example, when customers access our web page, they will see a splash page announcing the transition, and then be directed back to the current web site so they can continue their business with our company. When customers call our support lines, our welcome message will include a reminder of the impending brand change before the customer is transferred to a customer service representative.

What impact will the name change have on me?

The name change will have minimal impacts on customers, other than we are committed to building out our fiber infrastructure and bringing enhanced Internet products to the communities we service. Our processes, policies, and procedures will remain the same with regard to serving our customers. You will send your bill payment to the same place, you will receive your bill as you always have, you will still be able to call, chat, or e-mail us for any help you might need. We are still your local home town company and our employees are your friends, family members, and neighbors in your community.

Will this change how I contact you for support?

No. All of our contact numbers, email and chat links will remain the same for now.

Are the social media links (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube) or your website address changing? If I choose to contact you via social media, should I still tag cincinnatibell or should I tag altafiber?

Yes. All of our social media pages - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok etc. - have now changed to @altafiber. Please tag or mention altafiber with any images or questions you may have.

Will the URL and log in information for MyAccount or your website change?

Not at this time. If a change happens in the future, you will receive a notification prior to any changes being made.

Should I change payments to go to altafiber now?

Not at this time. If a change happens in the future, you will receive a notification prior to any changes being made.

Will monthly bills be changing?

We will continue to bill you in the same format you are currently billed. You will see our branding change reflected on your bill over the coming months. Additionally, we are in the process of enhancing our current bill view, which will be released this summer.

If I have a contract with you, is it still valid?

Yes, at this time there will not be any changes to contracts.

Will account numbers remain the same?


Are your apps on cell phones changing?

Not at this time. If a change happens in the future, your will receive a notification prior to any changes being made.

Will,, email be changing to

No, your email address will not be changing.

When will the brand name change on corporate buildings, retail stores, and vehicles?

We will be updating the signage on our office building, retail stores, and vehicles over the coming months.

Will you raise my prices as a result of this change?

Providing our customers with the great service they have come to expect remains our number one priority. We work hard on your behalf to hold prices as low as possible. Due to rising TV content costs and continued upgrades to our network, a necessary rate increase may happen from time to time. We value you and are committed to providing you with the latest products and technical advancements, while maintaining the highest level of reliability and service.

Will the order I placed before the rebrand still be fulfilled?


Who do I contact for more information?

Please send an email to

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Frequently asked questions about altafiber (2024)


Frequently asked questions about altafiber? ›

As a result of local broadcast TV stations increasing the rates to altafiber to distribute their signals to our customers, we implement a Broadcast TV Surcharge to recover some of the costs.

Why did my Altafiber bill go up? ›

As a result of local broadcast TV stations increasing the rates to altafiber to distribute their signals to our customers, we implement a Broadcast TV Surcharge to recover some of the costs.

How long does it take altafiber to restore service? ›

Payments made on any altafiber Telephone disconnected account will be restored hourly. Accounts will be restored only if payment covers the regulated amount. If it does not, the account will not be restored.

What type of Internet connection is altafiber? ›

Fiber is a type of cabling altafiber uses to transmit internet, video, and phone services to your house in an area that has been upgraded. It is a technology that transmits information as light pulses along a glass fiber line.

How fast is Alta fiber? ›

altafiber currently offers download speeds up to 2 Gig, and upload speeds up to 1 Gig.

Can I negotiate my internet bill? ›

Internet service providers (ISPs) are often willing to negotiate lower rates to keep customers happy, but that doesn't mean they just roll over because you demand a lower monthly bill. To have the best chance of success, you need to do some research and develop a strong argument for your proposed discount.

How long does altafiber take to install? ›

How long will it take altafiber to install my TV service? A typical TV service installation takes an average of 5 hours, some may take longer. Your altafiber technician will perform an initial walk through to give you a personalized time estimate.

How do I pay my Alta fiber bill? ›

The easiest way to pay your bill is electronically using your My altafiber Account. It is easy to view and/or pay your bills online by signing up for a My altafiber Account. You can register for this free service by clicking on the "My altafiber Login" link located in the top right corner of every webpage.

What is the late fee for altafiber? ›

For unpaid balances of $10.00 or more, a late payment fee as found in the price list, or two percent (2.0%), whichever is greater, per month will be assessed on the unpaid balance for all revenue owed to the Company.

What equipment do I need for altafiber? ›

You will receive a modem from altafiber based upon the level of service you have ordered. Along with the wireless gateway you will get a power cord, Ethernet and phone cables that may be needed during your install.

Do you need a modem with Alta fiber? ›

The modem lease is optional for Internet service and costs $10.99 per month. A set-top box is optional for TV service.

Is altafiber fiber to the home? ›

altafiber is a Fioptics TV and internet service provider (ISP) with coverage in parts of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Its plans are fast thanks to fiber connections, and there are no data caps.

Who owns altafiber? ›

Does altafiber have data caps? ›

While other Internet service providers in your area may cap your data, altafiber does NOT cap or limit the amount of data you can send or receive with your Internet service.

Why did my budget billing go up? ›

Going forward, we review your usage every four months to determine if your actual usage has significantly changed. If your usage has changed by 15% or more, we will adjust your monthly budget accordingly; the amount may go up or down.

Why is my internet bill so high? ›

The advertised price of your internet plan is usually not the price you'll end up paying. Your provider will likely tack on various hidden fees, like equipment fees, installation fees or service fees.

Can I cancel altafiber anytime? ›

You understand that you can cancel the eBill service with altafiber at anytime. altafiber reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at any time.


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